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Hello and welcome to Cloud Cortex Communications

Remove those recurring frustrations and empower your business with advanced communication technology!

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How do you like to Work

We hope you like a partnership approach where we listen first and then advise.

We have market leading, robust solutions to meet most small to medium business or departmental needs.

A Five Minute Chat

You may simply be looking to reduce costs and or increase reliability. You can order and we will provide a service but we much prefer to talk to you first about your plans. We might have a slightly different product that makes future direction and growth easier/less expensive/hassle free.

We Won’t Waste your Time

We are all technically experienced and can cut to the chase without all the sales baloney. We won’t waste your time. When invited however, we will identify all the key points of interest and there may be a slight spillage of enthusiasm for our services.

There is a good chance that we have already designed and implemented special solutions designed for your industry sector. A quick conversation may save you hours of research.

We will happily visit you on site, all for the cost of a coffee but we are equally happy to make our own and chat to you on the phone or on a video meeting.

Big or Little

We are happy to assist in just one small area to eleviate your pain but equally happy at design and assist in creating a stragic plan to enable your whole business move forward to meet your growth requirements.

We partner with some of the most reliable service and software providers in the marketplace. As you would expect, we will always consider your ability to scale up and/or diversify as and when required.


Why businesses are looking for better connectivity, cloud and communication solutions.

  • A wish to explore the potential efficiencies and cost savings that new technologies may deliver.
  • Start-ups looking for an affordable, yet amazing, first business solution.
  • Expanding businesses looking to grow with a low/no infrastructure capital investment.
  • Technology businesses looking for a reliable communications partner.
  • Simply to solve the 2025 PSTN and ISDN shut off problem.
  • Supporting your team/s by providing better, easy to use and robust technologies.  
  • Providing a commendable customer experience.
  • Making you shine in comparison to alternative suppliers.


We specialise in solving the business communication infrastructure needs of small to medium business or departments.

We are a team of experienced professionals who are now also coaching the future generation technically, procedurally and possibly the most importantly, proper methods of doing business with integrity.

If you are just starting out, we are still happy to guild and advise you, ready for when we may be of assistance to you. It may in fact be now!

With our head office based in Worcestershire we are able supply the major parts of the UK using our nationally based provisioning teams

Daisy, a national provider of communication services, is our technology partner. They provide the product services and support.

Heart Internet provide our web services including dedicated servers.

We continue to search out new and innovative market leading providers to expand our range of services,

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