Daisy Duo

Get the best of both worlds with Daisy Duo.

Spending money on your internal calls isn’t ideal but with Daisy Duo you can cut those costs. Taking both landline and mobiles with us means you can have free internal calls from your landlines to any of your mobiles, no matter how many times you ring.

Free mobile calls from landline with our unique Daisy Duo tariff

Why Daisy Duo?

When office-based staff are making calls to field-based colleagues the last thing you want to worry about is the cost of those phone calls.

With Daisy Duo you don’t have to as our Daisy mobile service provides fantastic landline and mobile deals.

Our Daisy Duo product means that if you take both landline calls and mobiles with Daisy, you’ll get free mobile calls from a landline, meaning your internal communications bill will be slashed.

Benefits of Daisy Duo

  • Free mobile calls from landline
  • Simple set-up
  • Transfer to Daisy without experiencing downtime