Fraud Guardian

With Cloud Cortex Fraud Guardian we’ll stop business fraud before it’s begun.

No business wants to lose money, especially not to telephone fraud. However, with Cloud Cortex Fraud Guardian you can rest easy knowing your lines are being monitored and protected by our dedicated team.

Our dedicated, advanced call protect service ensures you stay safe and secure from telephone fraud.

What is Fraud Guardian?

Our Cloud Cortex Fraud Guardian service monitors, alerts and protects your business from telephone hoaxes. If you are IP-enabled or have a telephone system, you present hackers with considerable opportunities to route calls to premium rate/international numbers – this is known as dial-through fraud.

Our staff use high-tech call protect systems to monitor call traffic and look out for high-value calls or extensive call volumes. They’re also alerted to blacklisted numbers and destinations and will alert you as soon as suspicious activity is committed, helping to stop telephone fraud as soon as possible.

We’ll limit your exposure to business fraud to a maximum of £500 per line, per day, but it’ll often be a lot less, thanks to our early detection rates and our ability to suspend lines and block calls.

We’ll help you to look after your business.

Benefits of Fraud Guardian

  • 24/7/365 protection on all eligible lines subscribed to the service
  • Our expert team will suspend any lines and bar any suspicious calls
  • Limit your exposure to £500 per line per day, avoiding potentially huge fraud bills