Ethernet Resilience

Minimise risks in the event of a failure with our Ethernet Resilience (RAO2) options

Meraki Go WiFi

Get an all-encompassing business WiFi solution with Meraki Go from CISO.


No longer available from us due to imminent turn off.

Get the perks of dedicated internet for the price of broadband with Ethernet over Fibre to the Cabinet.

Fibre Flex

Fibre Flex is an innovative product that offers you a symmetrical, guaranteed 200Mb service but you’ll actually be able to use up to 1Gb whenever it’s possible, but with no extra cost.

Ethernet First Mile

No longer available from us due to imminent turn off.

Ethernet First Mile (EFM), put simply, is a dedicated internet solution which uses multiple copper wires instead of fibre

Full Fibre Ethernet

Get the fastest, most secure and reliable connection with Full Fibre Ethernet

Ethernet Point-to-Point.

Connect your offices wherever you are with Ethernet Point-to-Point.


Agile, cost-effective and improved connectivity – get it all with SD-WAN .


Prioritise what your business needs with MPLS