Business Broadband

Business broadband/internet is probably the most important service we provide.

All broadband services are made up of connection (mobile options are also available) from your building through to our servers and then connected out onto the World Wide Web.

We can also use the same connection to provide phone services from our beautifully simple and low cost Daisy Plus service through to our hosted phone system. Both systems use a technology call Voice Over IP (VoIP). These will be needed after the 2025 turn-off.

We are able to offer discounted lines and calls packages when purchased with our Broadband

Fibre to premise is the only option to consider as all other services will stop.

They will stop being available very soon as each exchange becomes first, a “Stop Sell” where no further non-fibre services will be installed and then “Turn Off” latest in 2025 BUT once your exchange has reached 80% fibre connectivity it is likely that all copper, non-fibre services, will be stopped.

If you are the last 20% not on fibre you will have problems. The closer we get to the shut off the more expensive these services are estimated to become. We advise to get in now before the struggle.

Why Cloud Cortex Communications ?

Business-grade services

Great value

Breadth of choice

We work solely with UK businesses meaning you won’t be impacted by residential traffic. During business working hours, your superfast traffic will be managed in the most efficient way, ensuring it won’t slow down during peak times.

Our partners independence combined with our unique commercial agreements with major suppliers such as TalkTalk, BT and Virgin mean we’ll get you some of the best superfast deals.

If you’re looking for our fastest business broadband solution yet, upgrade to or, if you’re looking for something a little less powerful our Superfast solution might be the one for you.

Speed promise

Cybersecurity protection

Excellent customer service

Our partner Daisy signed up to Ofcom’s Voluntary Codes of Practice on Business Broadband Speeds meaning you’ll get upfront and transparent superfast speed estimates to be sure you’re getting a service to meet your needs

Our partner monitors your superfast service 24/7/365 to keep your business safe and secure.

Daisy have owned and operated our own core network for more than 25 years to ensure that our customers receive quality broadband services. Our TrustPilot score of 4.4 is evidence of their commitment and the service of our friendly, UK-based 24/7 team.