Inbound Numbers

Inbound Numbers give you a non-geographic number, routing your customers to the right place, every time.

Switch to an Inbound Number and choose from memorable 08 or 03 numbers.

What are Inbound Numbers?

With inbound numbers there’s no such thing as geographic restrictions. What’s more, you can choose a memorable number to maximise the return on your advertising and marketing campaigns.

There’s also an added security element as, by porting your numbers into our network, we ensure your calls are re-routed should the line be engaged or in case of an emergency.

Calls can also be diverted to landlines or mobiles of your choice which can be changed at anytime through our online portal, allowing your business complete control and flexibility.

Benefits of Inbound Numbers

  • Online control of your numbers through our portal
  • No additional line rental to pay
  • More flexible than a fixed line number
  • Improve your customer experience by attaching Inbound Call Management features to your number such as interactive voice response (IVR), call queuing, voicemail and much more