Daisy Device Manager

Personalised mobile device protection plans with Daisy Device Management.

DDM business products ensure your devices are secure, no matter where they are

Why Daisy Device Management?

Productivity and mobility tend to go hand in hand but with the added flexibility of employees working remotely, businesses can sometimes feel vulnerable.

With Daisy Device Management there’s no need to feel at a loose end as DDM business allows you to stay in control and protect every mobile device within your fleet to ensure sensitive data stays secure.

Remotely manage your business devices via our online portal and preserve your data by wiping devices.

With our mobile device protection plan you can monitor data usage in real-time and set alerts for your devices should they go over your limits.

You can also connect with your employees via instant messaging software and you can configure each device to your own personalised businesses specifications.

Benefits of Daisy Device Management

  • Our partnerships with vendors who have 20 years of experience in business mobile management ensure we’ve got access to the leading technology
  • Simple to set-up and ready to use within minutes
  • 24/7/365 UK-based customer service and technical support