No Brainer Offer

Your information will be with shortly (normally a couple of hours durning office hours) and I hope your systems are proved to be ready.

We have one more massive offer for you.

A “No Charge”, “No Obligation”, consultancy and advice session, focused on you, your actual current systems and your circumstances.

We don’t expect you to be ready yet to decide on the right VOIP system for your business. It may be time however to get some guidance so that you are further informed, focus on your actual current systems and circumstances.

Even knowing that you are not ready, we are offering a free one hour consultation meeting either via teams or in person, where we can discuss openly the various different market leading VOIP systems and some potential up and coming systems along with the Microsoft solution and if they will work well with, and add value to your current IT infrastructure.

As a former Avaya reseller (to name just one) we can also discuss how you might wish to keep your existing system/s.

We have currently selected one VOIP service partner that we consider provides the very best selection of premier VOIP solutions and this is Gamma. We have researched and continue to follow the market and have the good points about all the other main players along with their price points.

Gamma has tailored and scalable business product solutions, answering the requirements of single business owners through to multi-suite, multi-site call centres. Many smaller organisations including doctors surgeries, solicitors, schools, to name just a few, can now benefit from time saving features originally only available to large organisation with huge budgets. These smaller organisations can now afforably provide a hugely improved and robust customer experiences.

We can discuss your current key requirements along with your future plans and expectations. We will build your expectations and discuss possible efficiency gains available when using new technologies. We will clearly provide price points so that budgets can be planned (quite often these are “good news” budget reductions) enabling us to point you in the right direction to continue your research, ready for then you are ready to start the switch over.

We are fully conversant with Cloud Services, Virtual Environments, MS 365 (on or off premise), accounts solutions, CRM solutions, MRP solutions, website integration, connections including fibre and mobile, so feel well placed to understand and advise on many business profiles.

We do have a limited number of these free appointments that we can make available each month so please contact us right now and we will look to schedule you in.

Even if you consider a longer, chargeable consultancy service is more in line with your requirements, why not start with a free hour first to see if you like the “cut of our jib”?

(We do not share, resell or otherwise divulge your information. It is for our internal business communications with you only).

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