Maraki Go WiFi

Get an all-encompassing business WiFi solution with Meraki Go from CISO. Run your own private network and manage your point-of-sale devices while also providing a guest WiFi network with Meraki Go. The quick and safe solution helps connect your business and your customers together

What is Maraki Go WiFi?

Most businesses that don’t offer WiFi often cite concerns over tech support and cost. But with Meraki Go, those issues disappear.

Instead, Meraki Go provides you with a consistent, fast business WiFi connection which can be made available to your employees, clients, contractors, and visitors.

Meraki WiFi from Cisco is the perfect solution for businesses with less than 50 employees who want to connect their staff, visitors and their customers together.

Benefits of Meraki Go

  • Web blocking facility
  • Usage limits for users with limited bandwidth
  • Easy to set up a guest WiFi network, separate from your devices
  • Automatic security updates
  • Check-in on your network from wherever you are
  • In-app chat function